It's all about marrying a unique melody with strong images


I  am a songwriter based in the fabulous north of Norway. I write mostly melodic pop, rock and contemporary genre crossovers.

I started playing the guitar in my early teens, playing everything from punk, new wave, blues, rock, to top40 and acoustic pub gigging. -Time has given me a broad platform to work from. I have always enjoyed writing, too. Having worked with copy for big brands like Hurtigruten and Saxo Bank, and heaps of selling and advertising work, where short stories and imagery are the name of the game, has been helpful for the writing process. But most of all I am a people person, and I feel that has more value than anything else.


I have discovered the magic of co-writing, and have done a few fun projects with writers, artists and producers in USA, Belgium, Scotland - as well as here in Norway. Most of todays hit-songs are co-written by teams of writers - and that's a lot more inspiring than doing it alone. I mostly spend time writing in my home studio, but it get's too comfy sometimes. Whatever the approach is, it all boils down to marrying a unique melody with strong images

I have my own project studio for songwriting, and run the indie label Scansong.


The outlooks for 2017 are inspiring. I have plotted a bunch of writing trips and projects... and hope the plan sticks... Wish me luck! ;)