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Concert in Harstad kulturhus, 28th October 2017.
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The very talented Norwegian pop singer Frida Vang (20) is releasing two songs this spring on the Scansong label. However small and indie the label, the releases are already spinning on several Norwegian radio stations after the first week, and have also made some great and timeless playlists. Fridas voice and abilities is very promising, and along with two sweet and memorable tunes she is likely to be a household name before long.

Check out the teaser videos below, or check out the full version on the songs page.

Two new releases this spring with debut act

Local grant for song project

5 song release, writing and promotion


My project "5" received a grant from Sparbankstiftelsen, run by Harstad Sparebank. The project involves writing and promoting songs, and releasing 5 songs with various projects or artists.

The first release is expected around Christmas 2016, and all releases should be out by April 2017. Evil forces are pushing for a single debut by myself as a vocalist on at least one of the songs. Rumor has it I am about to accept the challenge - "Coward if you don't!"

Grants for writing in Berlin and Florence

NOPA and Tekstforfatterfondet with thumbs up

- Great news for my songwriting plans! The grants will help me realize my plans for the coming year.

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