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Co-writing is a must these days

- Co-writing is a must these days. I have done much too little of it (wanna do it more!), but have already met a fine bunch of people that are my joint creators on a few songs - some of them are; Knut Andresen, Trond Hustad, Lise Kvendseth, Steinar Hagen, Nathan Osmond, Jose Luis Pagan, Sarah Lenore, Tor S. Larsen, Marwenna Diame, Morten Franck, Margaret Berger, Martin Mulholland, Eirik Tillerli, Alexander Nerayo, Alex Sagmyr, Micke Løvdalen, Mari Myrholt, Sigurd Brørs, Nemoland... and a few others.

Photo: Song:Expo 2013, team day #2 - Ego, Lise Kvendseth, Steinar Hagen, Trond Hustad (pic by Ane Aspen)

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