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Back with a bunch of old news

* Le'Brandt single "CLOUD NINE" off to a great start on iTunes

* Cool co-write on Le'Brandt single release.

* Off to SONG:EXPO 2013.

* Cool colab with Jan Le´Brandt and Knut Andersen

* Tons of inspiration, songwriting and networking at SONG:EXPO in Trondheim, Norway (07-2012)

* Cool cross Atlantic co-writing with rising country star Nathan Osmond (05-2012)

* Working with top Belgium guitarist, artist and producer Jo Cassiers new album (05-2012)

* 10 songs among finalists in 5 categories in UKSC 2011. (09-2011)

* Jason Blume songwriting seminar in Oslo. (08-2011)

------------------- Other news --------------------------

* Bjorn signs publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music. (05-2011)

* Bjorn to present one of his songs for major US publisher in Nashville via Skype on Beaird's special publishing event on the 19th of April. (04-2011)

* "America´s Got Talent" semi-finalist Sarah Lenore sings on "Happy Yet?". (04-2011)

* Bjorn co-writes with International songwriter Marwenna Diame. (03-2011)

* Bjorns song "I Feel the Fire With You" a semi-finalist ISC 2010 in the adult contemporary category. (02-2011)

* Co-writing with musical Duracell Bunny Tor S. Larsen using iPhone and email. (01-2010)

* Bjorn was in the jury of Spellemannsprisen 2009 - the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy Awards, in the category of contemporary composer. - My songwriting knowledge really came in handy, he says.

* SEMI-FINALIST IN ISC - Bjorns country-pop song "Bit By Bit" climbs high in ISC 2009.

* Bjorns song "Better Off" released as single in October 2009. His rock project "Adessa" is currently getting airplay in all US states and close to 80 countries. You can get it on iTunes!

* Bjorn penned the lyric for "Love Oasis", and co-worked with Nemoland on fitting it to music and vocals. The song is currently being produced in one of Norways top studios, and will be found on the release Nemolands second album in April of 2009!

* Solid precence in Song of The Year 2009. As many as 6 different songs making the mark in three different categories.

* AND THE WINNER IS... Bjorn made #1 in SONG OF THE YEAR with his duet "I Feel the Fire With You"! * Bjorns new song "I Feel the Fire With You" made it all the way to # 1 in the renowned Song of the Year songwriting competition! This puts his duet among the 12 best in the COUNTRY category for 2008, no matter how the final heat of the monthly winners end. That is a great achievement!

* Bjorn's two songs "Bit By Bit" and "Here I am - a Butterfly" both made it to the "Runners Up" list in the annual Billboard Global Song Contest. in 2008.

* Bjorn had two songs ranking among the finalists in The Great American Song Contest in 2008. "Bit By Bit" received an honorary award.

* Bjorn among Top 10 twice in "Song of the Year"s monthly heats of May 2008.

* Bjorn had two songs make it to the top 10 in both December 07 and February 08 in the international songwriting competition "Song of the Year".

* Between 2003- 2007 Bjorn had 6 placements in the following competitions: - John Lennons International Songwriting Competition - Billboards Global Song Contest

During these years he made limited musical efforts, focusing on family and other fun tasks.


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